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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First day in Bangkok!

We are in Bangkok!! Today was our first day of touring. We went to Wat Pho and The Palace of the Emerald Buddha. On the ferry on the way there we made friends with an old man. He told us about different things we were passing and information. All the people we have met are so nice! They are very friendly and outgoing. It's very different from China. Both were really amazing. Thailand architecture is so decedant and elaborate! We took tons of pictured but might have to wait until we are back to upload them. The Reclining Buddha was amazingly huge!! I am still in awe of his size. He was bigger than any other statue I have ever seen. After we walked around Wat Pho, where He was, we got lunch from a street vendor. We had some kind of spicy noodles and they were really good. After lunch we went to see the emerald Buddha. First, he is made of jade, not emerald. Some person just thought he looked like emerald and the myth took off from there. Aside from that surprise it was very nice. He was wearing cold and rain season garments which were neat. After seeing that we wandered around the temple and the palace for a bit. While we were sitting at the Grand Palace, we ran into one of the students from Jinling! Such a small world!! He is spending a month in Thailand during the break and will be going to Chiang Mai at the same time as us. So now we have a friend here to go out with. We are back at the hotel now trying to decide on dinner. We might get street food and then walk around. I am so excited about all of the food. Everything we have seen looks delicious. There is so much fresh fruit! We drank from a coconut this morning! It is all so unbelievable! I'll try and update again in Bangkok. The Internet at the hotel is pretty good. But I didn't bring my computer so we have to use our iPods and Kindles.