Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, I'm going to China! I will be using this blog to keep everyone up to date on my adventure once I get to Nanjing. Until then, I thought it would be nice to detail my preparations. If no one reads this, that's ok. Nonetheless, this will be a good thing for me to have when I'm old and want to remember what all of this was like.

I have started a list of things I need to buy before I go. It's mostly electronics. I should be able to find most items I will need in China. I am going to be in Nanjing and there is a large expatriate community there. I am going to finally go over to the dark side and buy a Mac! I'm going to wait on that purchase in hopes of taking advantage of the graduation/back to school bundles they do. I also need a new camera. I want to be able to capture pictures of all the amazing people/sites/food/etc that I encounter. I also need luggage. I need two big suitcases that I will cram to 49.9 lbs each!

Packing is going to be another delima entirely. I can only bring a carry-on, backpack, and two 50 lb suitcases. How do I fit everything I need for an entire year into that little amount of space?! I plan to mail over my textbooks for my classes. But, mail is expensive, so I don't want to have to send much. I know I can buy a lot in China, but I have been told I probably won't fit into their pants or shoes. I could fill an entire suitcase with just shoes!!

As if packing and prepping just to live in China isn't enough, I also have to plan two entire courses. I am going to be teaching an introductory class on management and an intro class on marketing. My students are in the English program and are interested in international business. This is good because they will be relatively conversational in English. Considering I know about three words in Mandarin, this will be very helpful. Also, the courses are very introductory because these are not business students, just students interested in business.

I intend for my classes to be heavily based on conversation and interaction. I want to cover all the basics, but I mostly want to help them develop confidence speaking English in a business context. I am having a hard time planning the curriculum because I have not yet chosen a book. The textbook company hasn't gotten back to me about getting review copies, so I don't totally know what I will be covering.

So, that is all I have for tonight. I do want to actually keep up with my blog this time. Considering it is about China I have a better chance than when it was just about my daily life here.

Word of the Day: sheng yi (shung e)
this means business, so I thought it was quite apt

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