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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last Week's Update!

It has been a while since I updated, sorry. I did add new pictures from my daily life to my photo site. So hopefully those will keep people entertained a bit.

Nothing too exciting has happened since Thanksgiving. On the Sunday of Thanksgiving, we went to dinner with Sherry & her family. They took us out for Beijing Duck. It was wonderful! Just like a real Thanksgiving, there was way too much food and DK & I both came home stuffed. We didn't even want to think about eating again for about a day! It was delicious and a great substitute for a real Thanksgiving Dinner.

Last week was pretty low key. We stayed downtown all weekend, we have a dorm at Nanjing University now. On Monday I had Kindergarten, like always. Sissi, Sherry's daughter, was there. She is adorable! She is 4 years old & easily my favorite Chinese kid! On Tuesday I stayed home while DK went downtown to meet a friend. I had some really bad nosebleeds (fun, I know) so I just had a lazy sick day. 

Classes went well last week. In our conversation classes we played Jeopardy. The students on Wednesday LOVED it! They thought it was so cool & fun. They are naturally very competitive and enjoyed all of the trivia. Some of it was surprisingly difficult for them, but they were good sports. My Thursday class didn't know many of the answers, but they still had fun. 

Next week, week of the 12th, is the last week of normal conversation classes. Then we have two weeks of finals. That class finishes early because it is not a major-related course. This allows the students to focus on the "important" classes during regular finals.

In Marketing we talked about Social Media last week. It was interesting, especially comparing Chinese & American sites & platforms. That was my last lesson for marketing. Now they have 3 weeks of group presentations. Then we review for a week & then have the final! I can't believe the semester is almost over!

The weekend was normal, DK taught a lot & I had time off. Since my adult class finished, I do not have any classes on the weekend. Next semester I will probably pick up some tutoring. But for now, I enjoy the downtime. I can finally get caught up with grading my students' papers.

The weather is pretty blah here. It has been raining on & off for the last week. It's also gotten a lot colder, about 40-50. Wednesday of last week it even snowed! The snow didn't stick at all, the ground is too warm. But all of the students were really excited. Maybe that is why only half of our conversation students showed up last week!

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