Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oops, almost forgot!

Well, I got a bit behind on my posts. Sorry! I'll try and pick those back up, but I should probably try and stay with the present for now.

We are in Week 5 of the semester. My classes have been going well. My negotiation class has dwindled, about half the size it was before. However, the good kids are still there. It works alright, just a bit of a slow start. My other classes are going pretty well. I don't have my writing class yet. I hope that goes well once it starts, but it will be a few more weeks.

My family has come & gone. I really enjoyed seeing them. But, I miss them a lot. I really enjoyed having them around. I am finally getting settled into my life again. No more exciting weekend trips or sightseeing.

The last week has been rather crappy. Broke up with the bf. Still processing it all, but it absolutely needed to happen. Now I can experience single life in China...

One exciting thing from the week is that we finally got a washing machine! Danielle & I are so happy!! Everything was set up on Tuesday & we have been using it like crazy! The warmer weather is helping us since clothes dry faster now. Definitely a modern convenience we missed!

Maybe now I will work on a post filling in from the last month. That or go to sleep...

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