Friday, April 13, 2012

New Job

It's Friday night & I'm hanging out in MaoShan. I started my weekend job today. MaoShan is about 1 hour east of Nanjing & 1.5 hours west of Shanghai. There is a big mountain & a Daoist temple. My job is at A&C International Boutique Hotel. It is brand new, still under construction, and super gorgeous. There is a hotel, timeshares, spa, and full resort amenities. I have a room in the hotel. It is really nice: King sized bed, breakfast nook, couch, flat screen, cedar closet, and the greatest shower- best water pressure ever. Today was a really low key day. I took the bus down this morning, met a bunch of people (all very nice), filled out some paperwork, ate lunch, took a nap (Chinese lunch is 2 hours), met some big group that was here for lunch, edited some of my students' papers, talked about what I want to do in the job, and had dinner. Now I am back in my room (I'm writing this Friday night & posting it when I go in tomorrow morning), watching TV & enjoying the cozy robe. I'm a little bummed that I didn't bring more food. Eating at 5:00 has me hungry now, luckily I brought some peanuts (my China addiction). I am waking up and having breakfast in the morning with my boss. Other than my new job, nothing exciting is happening. I was supposed to give the negotiation midterm this week. However, the printer doesn't have time to print 35 copies of my test? I will give it next week and just have a fun class this week. My other classes are going well. I start teaching writing in May, that will increase my load a lot. I am going to head to bed early. I'm excited to take advantage of my big, cozy bed.(as expected, this did not really happen...)

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  1. Congratulations, Lisa! What a great place to get to spend some time! What exactly IS your job at A&C going to be? Whatever it is, sounds exciting, to be starting out just as they are opening.