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Thursday, June 14, 2012

China Bucket List

I had my last class on Wednesday. It was sad, I had my Spanish students & I have had them all year, so I will miss them a lot. I won't be at the negotiation final, so I guess I have said goodbye to most of my students. I didn't expected it to be this tough to leave. As of this moment, I want to stay just so I don't have to say goodbye. Yet, I know that going home is the right decision for me. It is time for me to get started on the next chapter in my life. Plus, I miss my family & friends a lot.

Since I only have 38 days left in China (minus the time I spend in Japan/Korea) I decided that I should figure out what all I want to do before I leave.

  • Bird flu alley for noodles
  • Picture w/ pancake couple (check)
  • New pictures on the Great Wall
  • Beihai Park in Beijing
  • Shanghai/Beijing Acrobats
  • Dan dan noodles
  • Go to Talking (bar at Nanda)
  • Maglev (actually take it this time)
  • Wangfujin (weird food street in Beijing)
What I will miss:
  • the food, especially pancakes & noodles
  • presents from my students
  • Sissi (Sherry's daughter, she is adorable)
  • 50¢ beer & soda
  • subways & buses
  • being inventive in the kitchen to try and make "western" food

What I won't miss:
  • the stench of the bathrooms
  • grading papers & preparing lessons (I wasn't meant to be a teacher)
  • wine that is 10x the price of soda
  • having to be inventive to make "western food"
I'm trying to think of more things for my list. If you can think of anything, let me know!

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  1. you won't miss being so far away from your BFFs!