Friday, October 28, 2011


For only teaching 20 hours a week, I am super busy. Sorry!! I did upload some pictures to our picture website.

Today DK made me delicious soup for dinner! It was the first experiment with our new crock-pot and it turned out great! We did chicken & mushroom & noodles. It wasn't anything too "home-y" but it was nice to have food not from a restaurant. There are a few pictures on the photo site. They don't do justice to it, though!

My week has been pretty routine. I think kindergarten went well on Monday. We did shapes, so it was finally something new. They seemed to do very well with them. But I will see how they do when we review next week. On Tuesday, we went to a dinner for foreign teachers at Nanjing University. It was just a casual get together. Wednesday was English Corner. I enjoy hanging out with the students there. They are all very excited to speak English and talk to an American. So, it was quite fun. Thursday was my long day, as usual. All of my classes went well, it was just exhausting not being back in the room for almost 12 hours. On the plus side, we went to lunch with Sherry and her friend. I tried new foods, not sure what the names were for everything. I had some sort of pork knuckle(?) that was kind of greasy and chewy. It was alright though. We also had egg custard, pureed peas, turmeric chicken (delicious!), beef & noodle hot & sour soup (very good), purple sweet potatoes, rice covered pork rib, fish soup, lotus root with sticky rice, and rice (of course). I loved the turmeric chicken the most, but I also really enjoyed the rib & the purple potatoes. The lotus root was really interesting, it was sweet, but crisp, with sticky rice in the holes. I liked it, but it wasn't something I could eat a lot of, too sweet.

My Friday night has been quite low-key, just doing laundry and prepping for class tomorrow. In the spirit of St. Louis & the Cardinals, we are going to talk about baseball tomorrow. I have a clip of the winning homerun that I want to show them. We are going to go over the rules of baseball and I want to try and explain it to them. I figure it is a good way to feel more connected to home & hopefully get the guys more involved.

Time for bed, tomorrow morning will come too early! I hope the game tonight goes well!! GO CARDS!

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