Thursday, November 3, 2011


It has, again, been too long since I posted. Sorry!

Today was midterm day for my marketing students. It was the first time I have given a test, felt pretty powerful! I had a big lecture hall, it was kind of intense. Only two students were missing. One student, Sleeping Beauty, was apparently sleeping instead of taking the test. I am truly not surprised at all. He sleeps during class every week. Overall, the kids finished quickly, most were done within an hour. I started to grade the multiple choice, sadly they didn't do so well. But I will see how the rest of them did. Maybe the ones who took longer will do better.

Other than the midterm, my week had been quite low key. I had kindergarten on Monday and we learned the parts of the body. Then we did a craft project. Glue might be a bit over their heads... It was fun though, and they told me they loved me! Definitely made my day! I'm glad they put me in a good mood. When I got on the bus to go home, there was a crazy traffic jam. It took me over 2 hours to go 10 km!! So, 3 hours after leaving, I was finally home. Then, after I finally got home on Monday, Danielle made me spaghetti! It was quite the adventure. First, we found out that our hotplates are induction hotplates. So the cheap pot we bought at Walmart won't work! Next, while making the sauce, we learned that our tomatoes were not actually tomatoes! They were persimmons! Quite different, but they look exactly the same! Danielle ended up making a delicious sauce with the tomato paste, onions, and mushrooms. In the end, the meal was great! It was a nice, home cooked, "American" meal!

tricky persimmon!

Tuesday was a great day off. DK has been feeling a little sick, so we just hung around the apartments. I got some work done grading papers for my writing classes. Now I only have one set of papers to grade and hand back next week and then I will be all caught up!

Wednesday, after classes, we had English Corner, the English club. I stayed in Danielle's last class, so I got there late. But the other teachers had brought in pumpkins for the students to carve! It was really cool, they seemed to love it!

After English Corner, we went to dinner with the two other American English teachers. They are Sam & Xiaodi. Sam is about our age, from up east, and has been here for 3 years. Xiaodi was born in China, but grew up in Florida. He has also been here for 3 years. They are both basically bilingual. Xiaodi's Chinese is obviously better than Sam's, but they both speak perfect English. Xiaodi is a bit older than us, he's almost 30. This is the last year in China for both of them. They were both psychology majors in college. Xiaodi has his masters in psych too, I think. When he leaves at the end of the year, he is going to get a masters in English. When Sam leaves he wants to work in green-tech. They are both pretty interesting and make us laugh a lot. It's nice to have other Americans just a few doors down.

Yesterday was the day with both of my writing classes. I had them do peer editing, so hopefully that will help the papers be a bit more polished before I see them. Their thought processes are great, they just have some problems with getting the thoughts into English sentences. But, I can already see some improvement. Luckily, they are quick learners.

That's really all I can think of right now. Hopefully my weekend will be good. I plan to try and go shopping on Sunday. Now that it is getting old, I want to buy some boots! I just hope I can find some that are my size & aren't too crazy!!

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